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Sean just finished the grout touch-up. Thank you for sending him so quickly. The floor is toasty & works well. Overall, I could not be more pleased. Great floor heat guy, terrific plumber, efficient electrician & excellent Paracca Crew.

We did need to order a new piece of glass, but the wall has been properly built and tiled by Kenny, so I am grateful to have it done correctly. Don's Glass was here today and will make the other pieces work. Of course, we knew that might happen.

All in all, a great experience & ON TIME! Thank you so much.

Have a peaceful Advent & Merry Christmas to all the guys at Paracca.
- Patty Peilert
Dear Mr. Paracca,

The purpose of this correspondence is to commend the professional work of the carpet installers who painstakingly installed 132 square yards of pristine texture carpet and padding in our home on August 17-18, 2016.

They were punctual in meeting this appointment, were gracious and professional in their introductions, were highly respectful of our home environment, and overall were a welcome installation team in our home. With respect to removal of the old carpet and padding, they were detail oriented in every aspect of carpet and padding removal which included removal of padding staples, adding tach strips where required, rolling and taping the old carpet and padding for transport from our home, and thoroughly provided a clean floor area to commence the installation of new padding and carpet.

It was indeed a please to watch these professionals at work as every piece of padding was cut and stapled to perfection, each piece of carpet was expertly stretched into exacting standards and the piecing together of each carpet was truly seamless as it is most difficult to discern where this tedious work transpired. And most impressive was watching these artisans at work in making our stains stairs seem like one flowing piece of luxurious carpet. Most impressive!

From start to completion, Andrew and Frank were a harmonious team who truly exceled at their craft as they provided Par Excellence customer service. As such, we cannot commend them highly enough so please feel free to use this written testimony for furtherance of their professional careers.
- Earl and Evelyn
Just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the 2 carpet installers that did our carpeting. Ken and Pat were so very professional and went out of their way to be helpful. They were very respectful and careful. They checked with us on each and every part of the installation. They also spoke very, very highly of Paracca Flooring and working for them. Thanks for a great job!
- Alan and Pat Vucic
A week ago your people finished installing the new carpeting in my home, and the bathroom tile floors were done before that.

I am writing to say that the entire job is one high quality project - in terms of materials and workmanship - but also to let you know, especially, that every one of your people who were involved - from the original advice (you yourself, Bob Semler and David Grove, as well as Don who came to measure), to tile setters (Shaun and another who came to grout, and whose names I didn't write down); to carpet removal (Will and Craig), and plumbing and floor repair (the Maraks); on through to carpet installers (Ed Fleming and brother with helpers) - every one of them did an outstanding job, with an easy and exceptionally customer-friendly attitude to boot!

For my part I hope to have helped by removing all drawers out and emptying all shelves to facilitate moving the furniture, which in this house was a feat in itself. In any event - all of them and the whole project turned out to be the sort of quality job we had experienced with Paracca before - and I was happy to experience again!
- Ernest F. Zuschlag
I love my new kitchen! Paracca Flooring did an excellent job! And they were such a joy to work with!
- Emily Jacobs
We love our new dining room! It was such a pleasure to work with Paracca Flooring!
- Janine Foster & Family
Your people just completed the installation of a hardwood floor at our summer home in Mercer PA. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job that was done particularly by Clinton and Jonathan with an able assist from Ken and Brett. Great people to work with and so delighted that you entrusted them with the installation of our floors. Thanks for sending such nice and capable people to do our job. Have them in my house anytime.
- Jim Birsic
I have never seen such hardworking employees. They all did such quality, quick and efficient work! We had two guys come in for the tile - Dave and Ryan - who were super nice and even came up with a cool design to put around the fireplace. Shawn did the grout - very nice, hardworking guy. The carpet guys were also amazing; Jeff and Mike rang the doorbell at 7:50 AM and somehow had the furniture out of the living room, the carpet almost completely up, and half of the carpet up on the stairs/hallway by 8:05 AM! I would recommend Paracca Flooring to everyone I know.
- Nichole Richey
I wanted to tell you I am very happy with the work done by Bob, Drew and Jonathan. It was a pleasure and painless doing business with them this week.
- Linda