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At Paracca Flooring, we know quality. With our wide selection of hardwood flooring, Paracca Flooring is proud to be one of only three flooring companies in the Pittsburgh area with exclusive rights to bring you both Provenza® and Preverco hardwood floors.

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What Our Customers Say

Sean just finished the grout touch-up. Thank you for sending him so quickly. The floor is toasty & works well. Overall, I could not be more pleased. Great floor heat guy, terrific plumber, efficient electrician & excellent Paracca Crew.

We did need to order a new piece of glass, but the wall has been properly built and tiled by Kenny, so I am grateful to have it done correctly. Don's Glass was here today and will make the other pieces work. Of course, we knew that might happen.

All in all, a great experience & ON TIME! Thank you so much. Have a peaceful Advent & Merry Christmas to all the guys at Paracca.
Jim Birsic

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