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Do you have a remodeling project? Paracca Flooring can help. Unlike other flooring companies that may just sell flooring, our installers are our employees. This means that we can provide you with beautiful flooring and experts that can install it for you. Instead of having multiple contractors that you need to coordinate with, we can take care of your whole project. 


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More than Flooring

We provide our customers with more than flooring. We have expert installers, some with decades of experience. Because of this, we offer our customers remodeling services. We know how complicated a remodel can be, so we take additional efforts to make the process as non-invasive as possible. Our professional installers are well trained on how to get a job done right and in a timely manner.

What Our Customers Say

I wanted to tell you I am very happy with the work done by Bob, Drew and Jonathan. It was a pleasure and painless doing business with them this week.

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